Assignment #8 – The Tectonic

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Inside or Outside?

The windows act as a portal between the inside and the outside. The outer walls are very thin, acting as a minimalist protection against the elements. Privacy is a very vague element in this project. Some rooms, like the bathroom, are completely glazed. The project is composed of several buildings in relation to each other. This relationship is established externally.
Architecture speaks more of volumetry than materiality. Materiality is rather erased, facing a strict geometry. All the elements highlight a key concept of the project, the fuzzy boundaries between the inside and the outside.

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Assignment #7b – Algorithmic Manipulation

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Wifi / Relation Algorithm

Despite my desire to keep my original component, I had to modify it considerably for this part of the job. When I tried to apply my initial component to a grid larger than 3×3, I can not finish the operation due to lack of RAM on my computer. So I simplified my shape to a cube, pierced by a circle. Essentially, the component achieves the same goals as those previously imposed, but with obvious simplicity.

My first projection removes information from an image. By removing information based on user relationships on social networks, it is possible to visualize where these points of importance are. By using a reflective material, it is possible to see the effect of the metal with proper lighting.

The second projection uses several values ​​extracted from the site of our previous analysis. Still in the interest of studying the impact of wifi on users, the projection uses the presence of users on the site and the current path to evaluate its position.
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